We need more volunteers

Without Adults and Young Leaders we will not be able to offer a wide range of activities with the expertise. The more leaders we have the more ideas, skills and experience we can use to help teach the sections. It does not matter how much or little you know as everyone feels valued.

As a volunteer there are many different roles you can take depending on what level of commitment you wish to give. Training will be given where required. 



Adult Leaders, are the main volunteers in the group. They are responsible for making the programmes, ensuring we have the equipment, section is growing and the young people in the section achieve as much as they can in their time. They will be required to undergo DBS checks, safeguarding training and training for the role.  Each Section will have one main leader, but its typical for each section to have assistant leaders to help. Tend to be there for each meeting, trips, camps and other events. Leaders can undergo permit schemes to allow them to run activities under the adventurous activity scheme.


Section Assistants

Don't feel you can give a lot of time? Then this maybe the role for you. You do not need to commit to each meeting, camp event. You do not need to help with the programme planning unless you would like too. On the evening you will help run the activity ensuring the health and safety standards set by Scouting HQ. They will require a DBS check, and Safeguarding Training. Can undergo permit schemes to allow them to run activities under the adventurous activity scheme.


Parental Assistant

If you only wish to help at events, camps or trips. You would need a young person in a Section to become a parental assistant. You will not need to attend planning evenings, run activities etc unless you wish to do so. This role will require a DBS check and safeguarding training.