Scouts are the oldest section we look after. Someone can join the Scout Section from 10 1/2 years old up until they are 14 years old. Scouts at this age will tend to master skills they have developed if they have come through Beavers and Cubs. But those just joining do not need to worry as we will teach to their pace. Scouts tend to get a bit more freedom so they can work on their own, developing independence.  


Scouts once invested will join a patrol. There is a big focus on teamwork and can be friendly competition between patrols. Afterall team work can make the dream work. A Patrol will be led by a Patrol Leader who is given extra responsibilities. 

Our Scouts get up to a wide range of activities, including

Exploring the Outdoors


First Aid


Adventurous Activities such as canoeing, archery, climbing



Scouts are led by a Scout Scout  Leader, who will be helped by their leadership team. This would include Assistant Scout Scout Leaders, Young Leaders and Parent Helpers. 


Scouts will have the chance to earn many different badges during their time there. The main being the Chief Scout Gold award, this is the highest award a Scout Scout can achieve and is a proud moment for everyone.


Scouts wear Green shirt along with their groups necker once they have been invested. This will be where the badges will be sewn too once achieved.