All activities found here are suited towards Cub ages. We will add to this list as the weeks go on, so please do visit often for new tasks. Where applicable links have been put in place to download the packs or direct to information as needed. More resources and activities can be found on the District Community Forum

11th Blackpool Group young people, please put the evidence on our Facebook Group or email too your section leader. 

If you are visiting this page and are apart of another Scout Group. Welcome, you are more than welcome to use the resources but please forward the evidence as per your groups instructions.

Remember to have Fun!


   Help look after your animal friend. Use our help sheet to keep track.
   We may not be able to arrange camps at the moment but we can get into the camping spirit at home. Details can be found here
   Start your skills challenge by playing skills bingo. Download your card today. This card contains activities linked to other badges.
  Complete a over hand knot (use the fishermans knot for tip), reef knot, and the fisherman's knot, figure of eight knot and square lashing. We have a pack to help here.
   Take part in some activities that can help young people understand why we are taking the measures we are. Also how to keep safe during these tough times. This can be downloaded here.
   Start your artist badge by taking part in some Easter Crafts. Download the information here
   Be able to communicate or fingerspell the phrase, "Hello my name" and spell their name as part of this. Learn by taking part in games using our pack 
  Complete stage one of the Digital Citizens Badge. Criteria can be found here 
You to need to do firstly you need to take 12 images in ether portrait, landscape and still life doing a following 6 images in black and white, show that you know the main settings on your camera or smartphone camera, describe the different activity's that are available for cameras, edit one of your images using an editing software or an app on your smart phone, show you can care for a camera