All activities found here are suited towards Cub ages. We will add to this list as the weeks go on, so please do visit often for new tasks. Where applicable links have been put in place to download the packs or direct to information as needed. More resources and activities can be found on the District Community Forum

11th Blackpool Group young people, please put the evidence on our Facebook Group or email too your section leader. 

If you are visiting this page and are apart of another Scout Group. Welcome, you are more than welcome to use the resources but please forward the evidence as per your groups instructions.

Remember to have Fun!

  Learn about the DIY safety. Use this worksheet to help
   We may not be able to arrange camps at the moment but we can get into the camping spirit at home. Details can be found here
   Start your skills challenge by playing skills bingo. Download your card today. This card contains activities linked to other badges.
   Wanting to develop your skills at pioneering. Create a camp gadget for your home camp. Learn your knots and lashings here.
   Take part in some activities that can help young people understand why we are taking the measures we are. Also how to keep safe during these tough times. This can be downloaded here.
  Wanting to become a chef? Even if not this badge can be done simply and quickly. Visit here for criteria.
   We would like all Scouts at the 11th to complete their writers badge over the next few weeks. Details can be found here. If a scout is using a diary as part of the badge it will need to be for over a month. 
  Websites are a good way to become creative. Learn how to make a very basic website using this pack. There is also an example website that can be found here. If using you can edit using notepad (remember to save file as .html) or download Microsoft Expression Web for free. 
Create a home made lava lamp. 


  1. Fill the flask most of the way with vegetable oil.
  2. Fill the rest of the flask with water. The water will sink to the bottom under the oil.
  3. Add a few drops of food coloring; your choice of color. The food coloring is water-based, so it will also sink and color the water that is now at the bottom of the flask.
  4. Break an alka-seltzer tablet into a few small pieces, and drop them in the flask one at a time.
  5. Watch your lava lamp erupt into activity! As the reaction slows down, simply add more alka-seltzer.
Make your own candle wax cooker using the pack here
Learn sign language to be able to hold a conversation. This can be done by phrases or finger spelling. You will need to be able to Say "Hello my name is ..., and I am from ... Blackpool" They would need to say their name and group. A pack can be found here
Survival skills are a useful thing to know. What to do if in certain situations. Knowledge is power download a tree identification guide here. What trees can you find around your home and how well would these burn (do not burn the tree to test write down and take pictures.) Also create your own personal survival kit. You may do some research. (DO NOT include a knife in your kits!  any work involving knifes will be overseen by the leadership team. Scouts must not carry a knife on them)
Complete stage one of the Digital Citizens Badge. Criteria can be found here

Produce 12 photographs, featuring at least two of these photographic techniques: portrait, still life (or similar), landscape or seascape, sport or action, or time-lapse. Or

Produce at least two short films from two of these categories.

· documentary

· music video

· drama

· comedy

· advertisement

· training film

Start the naturalist badge. This will need to be completed by October we will look at what has been discovered.

With appropriate permission, spend at least one day at one of these locations and investigate the wildlife and plants found there:

  • woodland or parkland
  • down land
  • moor land
  • seashore or sand dune
  • hedgerow
  • roadside verge
  • stream, river or canal
  • small pond
  • wetland or marshland.


Find out more about a plant, animal or particular wildlife from your chosen location.

Download a survey form here

This will need a minimum of 1 week of a survey. As well as research  into an one of the animals seen.

Complete the Stage 1 Air Activities Badge using the worksheet here