Beaver Scouts are our youngest section. Someone can join the Beavers when they reach 5 3/4 years old. Beavers are introduced to many different activities, most of which they have never tired before. Fun and creative evenings where they only thing we really ask is they give it a go. 


Beavers once invested will join a lodge to work on teamwork and friendship. Older Beavers in the lodge maybe asked to look after a younger Beaver to make them feel welcome. Developing leadership skills. 


Our Beavers get up to a wide range of activities, including

Exploring the Outdoors


First Aid


Adventurous Activities such as canoeing, archery, climbing


Beavers are led by a Beaver Scout  Leader, who will be helped by their leadership team. This would include assistant Beaver Scout Leaders, Young Leaders and Parent Helpers. 


Beavers will have the chance to earn many different badges during their time there. The main being the Chief Scout Bronze award, this is the highest award a Beaver Scout can achieve and is a proud moment for everyone.


Beavers wear Blue Sweatshirt along with their groups necker once they have been invested. This will be where the badges will be sewn too once achieved.